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Food and cooking is a tricky business. There’s plenty to think about, plenty to discuss. Here’s a collection of posts dedicated to discuss the thorny issues around food ethics and politics.

The dawn of the supermarket meat counter

0 comments "In his way, the meat cutter is an artist". Here's a wonderful little American promotional film from the Fifties, that walks through the process of butchering a side of beef into cuts suitable for selling shrink-wrapped in those new-fangled supermarkets. Just look at the marbling on that beef. Try to ignore the naïve sexism [...]

Food politics

Semolina bread

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Tartine Bread’s semolina loaf

The more I bake bread, the more I realise that I know so little about it, the more I understand why being a baker is a calling as much as a profession. I've started to experiment more, recently, started using different techniques and methods to home in on the things that I really like about [...]

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Slow cooking in the sand

The importance of slowness in food, and food in celebration.

It started with a text message. "Chris says can you pack a tie. You're off to a wedding or something". I looked down at the carefully packed bags at my feet and realised that 'bring a tie' actually meant 'bring a whole set of smart clothes, including shoes, not just a tie', and started to [...]

Food politics

The Taste of America, by Colman Andrews

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The Taste of America, by Colman Andrews

I once rode across America on a Greyhound bus, from the laid-back city of Portland, through the deserts of Utah and back up through the Wild West to the industrial heartland of Chicago and Detroit, then onto Toronto and my Uncle's spare bedroom for a week of recovery. I learnt two things on that trip, [...]