Eating out and restaurant reviews and recommendations

Restaurant reviews and recommendations – good places to eat out in Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire in general and sometimes further afield.

Fish& takeaway and canteen

Fish & – mobile fish and chip takeaway and canteen.  Sustainable fish and chips with a twist.

Fish&...that sounds interesting. Go on, then, what is it? It's quite a clever little idea. A nice, blue mobile fish and chip van that rocks up at festivals, parties, events and the like. We stumbled across it at the glorious Kirkstall Festival the other weekend...a sunny day, fantastic live bands in the Abbey's cloisters, fairground, [...]

Eating out

Sela Restaurant, Leeds

Sela Bar Restaurant Leeds

I'm not very good at planning things properly, which is how we ended up at Sela the other night. It was quite accidental. We'd planned to eat at The Reliance, but found it stuffed to the rafters with Christmas party type people, with a table waiting list that may have stretched into January.  So, we [...]

Eating out

PIN, Leeds

PIN Dock Street Leeds

Leeds Brewery have been quietly expanding in Leeds over the last few years. They've now got four pubs and bars, each with a distinct identity and reason. PIN is their 'contemporary cafe bar', a small bar and restaurant tucked away on Dock Street, just over the river. Given that PIN is a Leeds Brewery bar, [...]

Eating out