Chicken Chukka

July 14, 2014
Chicken chukka - chicken curry, made with coconut and spices

On the way home on Saturday, I stopped off at an Asian supermarket close to where we live. It’s a ramshackle, haphazard kind of place, piled high with a huge range of things. There are sacks of rice piled high, fruit and vegetables – big bunches of coriander, five for a quid, coconuts, curry leaves, […]

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Khadey Masaley Ka Ghosht, or lamb with whole spices and yoghurt

February 3, 2014
Khadey Masaley Ka Ghosht, or Lamb with whole spices and yoghurt

I was rooting around in the bottom of the freezer the other day when I happened upon a bag of frozen … well, it was definitely meat, but that’s about as much as I could tell. Could’ve been beef, could’ve been lamb. Might have been neither. I decided to play fast and loose with Saturday’s […]

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How hard is it to knock a coconut over? … or chicken, coriander and coconut curry

July 8, 2013
A Keralen chicken, coriander and coconut curry, from Christine Manfield's Tasting India.

It was the school fair on Saturday, and among the bouncy castles, secondhand toy stalls and pop-up cafes selling the most excellent pakora wraps with fiendish chilli sauce, there was a coconut shy. The rules of a coconut shy are very simple – throw a ball at a coconut perched on top of a stake, […]

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The World Curry Festival, Bradford, 21st to 23rd June, 2013

June 12, 2013
World Curry Festival 2013, Bradford City Park, 21st to 24th June 2013

What? The World Curry Festival draws together the tastes of the Sub-Continent, the Caribbean, Thailand, Malaysia and South America into one three-day celebration of the glorious curry. When and where? The 21st to 23rd June, 2013, between the fountains of the brand new City Park in Bradford, in the shadows of the most stunning town […]

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Bathuras, or fried fermented Indian flatbreads

January 14, 2013
Bathura, or Indian yoghurt fermented deep fried flatbread

I have this theory about Indian restaurants. It may be a Yorkshire thing, or maybe even just a Bradford or Leeds thing, or perhaps its just me, but I reckon you can judge the quality of an Indian restaurant through a combination of how good their breads are and whether or not you get a […]

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Chole, or cinnamon spiced chickpea curry

January 6, 2013
Chole, or cinnamon spiced chickpea curry

Quite a few years ago, I spent part of a gap year backpacking around India. Delhi was our first stop, and it frightened the pants off us, with its heady blend of poverty, colour, recklessness and determination. I returned to Delhi last month in very different circumstances, and found that little had changed, except everybody […]

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