Pork, sage and black pudding stuffing

Pork, sage and black pudding stuffing

Christmas dinner is a fairly standard meal. Tradition dictates that it mustn't vary much ... turkey, roast potatoes, a couple of vegetables, some things like cranberry sauce that nobody really likes and stuffing. There has to be stuffing of some sort, officially as part of the meal itself, but more importantly to have ready, cold [...]

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WIN a Harvey Nichols Christmas hamper

Win a Harvey Nichols Noel! Noel! Christmas hamper in an exclusive giveaway

Here's a fantastic opportunity to win a Harvey Nichols Noel! Noel! Christmas hamper, worth £100, which will most definitely get you well set up for the festive season. The hamper itself is a sturdy wicker basket with smart leather buckles and hinges that in itself is quite a handsome thing, but the contents are spectacular, [...]

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American turkey stuffing

Delia Smith’s Christmas American turkey stuffing

It's getting close to Christmas now, and it's about this sort of time that I start to panic about stupid things like deciding which type of stuffing to make. I'll spend an hour or so scattering cookbooks around the dining room, looking for something new and different to cook on the stuffing front.  There'll be [...]

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