Chicken Chukka

July 14, 2014
Chicken chukka - chicken curry, made with coconut and spices

On the way home on Saturday, I stopped off at an Asian supermarket close to where we live. It’s a ramshackle, haphazard kind of place, piled high with a huge range of things. There are sacks of rice piled high, fruit and vegetables – big bunches of coriander, five for a quid, coconuts, curry leaves, […]

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Nagoya tebasaki, or deep-fried Japanese chicken wings

May 14, 2014
Japanese deep-fried chicken wings, tebasaki Nagoya

It’s often the odd cuts of meat  that offer the most interesting possibilities to the chin the kitchen, the parts of the animal that are sometimes viewed as little more that waste in waiting. So it is with chicken wings, piled up high in the corner of a butcher’s shop, looking as if there’s no […]

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How hard is it to knock a coconut over? … or chicken, coriander and coconut curry

July 8, 2013
A Keralen chicken, coriander and coconut curry, from Christine Manfield's Tasting India.

It was the school fair on Saturday, and among the bouncy castles, secondhand toy stalls and pop-up cafes selling the most excellent pakora wraps with fiendish chilli sauce, there was a coconut shy. The rules of a coconut shy are very simple – throw a ball at a coconut perched on top of a stake, […]

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Jerusalem artichoke and chicken pie

April 26, 2013
Jerusalem artichoke and chicken pie

I was told that Jerusalem artichokes were so easy to grow that it’d be hard to get rid of them once they went into the ground. “They’ll spread like weeds”, said the old bloke on the plot next door. I dug the tubers in early one morning, the ground wet and the mist clinging tightly […]

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Pollo a la montanesa, or Santander mountain chicken

September 9, 2012
Pollo a la montanesa, or Santander mountain chicken from Nicholas Butcher's Recipes From the Spanish Kitchen

This might sound stupid – and that’s mainly because it is – but the reason I tried this recipe is simply so that I could chop up a whole chicken with a massive cleaver. I’ve spent years in fear of dinging the edge of my ridiculously expensive German knives doing something as mundane as jointing […]

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Karaage, or Japanese deep-fried chicken

August 20, 2012
Japanese karaage or deep fried chicken

Japanese cuisine is at once alien and very familiar. For every sashimi dish of raw fish, there’s something else much more recognisable to the Western palette, such as this, karaage, or Japan’s take on deep-fried chicken. Karaage is a world away from something like an American southern fried chicken dish…it has a delicate elegance in […]

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