Gingersnap biscuits

September 25, 2011
Gingersnap biscuits or cookies

These biscuits didn’t really come out as they were intended. They should have been thinner and much more fragile, but the slightly thicker and heavier versions I ended up with have a good heft to them. They’re not what they were meant to be, but they taste good and that’s all that really matters. Beat […]

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Wholemeal shortbread biscuits

May 18, 2011
Wholemeal shortcrust cookies

This is a guest post from my son, Ethan, aged 8. Ethan has been learning about imperative verbs at school, and for one of his exercises, he had to complete a task and write a set of instructions about what he did, using words that connect each step and are very direct. We thought Ethan’s […]

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Alfajores, Spanish spiced fruit and nut biscuits

July 21, 2010
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The coincidence of a week in Barcelona and a publisher sending me a copy of Frank Camorra’s staggering Movida Rustica cookbook has left me cooking a lot of Spanish food. I make no apologies for this, but warn that it may continue for a while yet. Movida Rustica is three hundred and sixty-eight pages long.  […]

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Crisp spice biscuits

June 5, 2010
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You can never have enough proper biscuit recipes.  Once you’ve mastered the basics – shortbread, gingerbread, peanut butter, etc – it’s time to seek out something a bit different. We made these thin and crispy biscuits on clearing out the kitchen cupboards and discovering the last dregs of a can of forgotten treacle. “Time to […]

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A very good chocolate brownie

March 17, 2010
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There’s nothing quite like a good chocolate brownie. It’s not quite a cake, not quite a biscuit, but more of an indulgence than either.  A good chocolate brownie recipe is one of those things every cook should have up his or her sleeve. This recipe is excellent, a straightforward brownie recipe with an extra flourish […]

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Interflora’s Christmas biscuit box

November 23, 2009
Interflora Biscuits

What is it? It’s a box of biscuits.  Hand-made, hand-decorated biscuits, in a nice tin box. OK, why? This is Interflora’s new idea. Instead of sending a bunch of flowers, you now get the chance to send a box of biscuits instead.  It’s a good idea.  Gives people options. That box looks very Christmassy… Indeed […]

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