Einstök White Ale, Toasted Porter, and Pale Ale

Einstok Brewery’s Toasted Porter, White Ale and Pale Ale

The biggest ingredient in beer is water, so it makes sense that the particular type of water that the brewer uses is going to have a distinct effect on the finished drink. In that sense, Einstök would seem to have a slight advantage, with their brewery perched on the northern shores of Iceland, in a fishing [...]

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Great Yorkshire Beer, by Leigh Linley

Great Yorkshire Beer, by Leigh Linley

The past few years have seen an explosion in craft brewing in Yorkshire, with small breweries popping up everywhere, producing a wide range of styles of beer, beer of real character and quality. This revolution in brewing has left Yorkshire with 123 breweries, but without its biggest, most iconic brewery, after Carlsberg pulled the plug [...]


Thornbridge Brewery’s Raven

Thornbridge Brewery’s Raven Black IPA

I've recently hit a little Friday evening routine, detouring on the way home from work to plunder the shelves of the brilliant Saltaire Wines (@SaltaireWines) for a bottle or two of Proper Beer. Most weeks, I seem to come away with something or other from Thornbridge Brewery. Thornbridge's beer is punchy and interesting, and has [...]

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Slow-cooked beef in stout or porter

Shin beef in beer

Right, confession time. This was meant to be a Generic Lazy Blog Post. Oh come on, you know the sort, especially if you write a blog yourself.  Sometimes us bloggers hit a brick wall and just don't know what to write about.  We just scratch and scrabble around for something vaguely interesting to cook or [...]

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