The dawn of the supermarket meat counter

0 comments "In his way, the meat cutter is an artist". Here's a wonderful little American promotional film from the Fifties, that walks through the process of butchering a side of beef into cuts suitable for selling shrink-wrapped in those new-fangled supermarkets. Just look at the marbling on that beef. Try to ignore the naïve sexism [...]

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How to make corned beef

Brining beef brisket to make corned beef

One of the many curious things I remember about my childhood is corned beef hash, an odd dish of potato and corned beef served up on those nights when mum seemed to have run out of inspiration. It was always made of mashed potato, with corned beef similarly mashed right into the potato, then fried until [...]

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Tourte de boeuf parmentier

Serge Dansereau’s country-style beef and potato pie

This beef pie has a very British feel to it, despite its French origins. I was asked exactly what makes it French, and I must admit to struggling to find an answer. There's some garlic in it, I suppose, and it has that general feel of traditional French cooking...simple, practical, thrifty and generous of flavour...but [...]

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