Timatar wali macchi, or cod in a spicy tomato sauce

February 16, 2014
SKREI cod curry

The very best cod is caught between January and April in the crystal clear waters around Norway’s Lofoten Islands, having migrated thousands of miles from the Barents Sea. This cod has bright, white flesh that gleams of the icy, dark waters that the fish swam through to get to Norway. On cooking, it produces huge, […]

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Khadey Masaley Ka Ghosht, or lamb with whole spices and yoghurt

February 3, 2014
Khadey Masaley Ka Ghosht, or Lamb with whole spices and yoghurt

I was rooting around in the bottom of the freezer the other day when I happened upon a bag of frozen … well, it was definitely meat, but that’s about as much as I could tell. Could’ve been beef, could’ve been lamb. Might have been neither. I decided to play fast and loose with Saturday’s […]

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Great Homemade Soups: A Cook’s Collection, by Paul Gayler

January 26, 2014
Great Homemade Soups: A Cook's Collection, by Paul Gayler

Before I begin, some confessions: I sometimes have soup from a can for lunch I don’t often make a soup from scratch at home When I do, I sometimes freeze whatever’s left, never label it, and end up chucking unidentifiable blocks of frozen matter away countless months later This is a very poor state of […]

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WIN a copy of The Taste of America, by Colman Andrews

January 20, 2014
COMPETITION - WIN a copy of The Taste of America, by Colman Andrews

Here’s a chance to win one of two copies of Colman Andrews’ superb book Taste of America. It’s a fascinating insight into American cuisine, and the food that built and shaped a nation. Here’s my full review. There are no strings with this giveaway – it’s  exactly that … a giveaway. Just use this form […]

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Einstök White Ale, Toasted Porter, and Pale Ale

January 18, 2014
Einstok Brewery's Toasted Porter, White Ale and Pale Ale

The biggest ingredient in beer is water, so it makes sense that the particular type of water that the brewer uses is going to have a distinct effect on the finished drink. In that sense, Einstök would seem to have a slight advantage, with their brewery perched on the northern shores of Iceland, in a fishing […]

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Magnet’s 2014 kitchen range

January 12, 2014
Magnet 2014 kitchen range and product innovations

I think that if you really want to know about a person, you should look at the place where they cook. It’s simple, really. In any house, the kitchen is likely to be the most expensive thing that a person invests in, and it’s also likely to be the single room that gets the most thought, […]

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