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Semolina bread

March 26, 2014
Tartine Bread's semolina loaf

The more I bake bread, the more I realise that I know so little about it, the more I understand why being a baker is a calling as much as a profession. I’ve started to experiment more, recently, started using different techniques and methods to home in on the things that I really like about […]

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Mowzet el kharoof, or stuffed boneless lamb shanks

March 10, 2014
Arabic boneless lamb shanks, stuffed with apple and bulghar wheat

Writing about food is an odd occupation. To get it right, to write a post that really hits the mark, certain things need to line up perfectly. There has to be a decent subject, maybe a recipe that really worked, or a good angle on something or other. There has to be a little spark […]

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Timatar wali macchi, or cod in a spicy tomato sauce

February 16, 2014
SKREI cod curry

The very best cod is caught between January and April in the crystal clear waters around Norway’s Lofoten Islands, having migrated thousands of miles from the Barents Sea. This cod has bright, white flesh that gleams of the icy, dark waters that the fish swam through to get to Norway. On cooking, it produces huge, […]

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Khadey Masaley Ka Ghosht, or lamb with whole spices and yoghurt

February 3, 2014
Khadey Masaley Ka Ghosht, or Lamb with whole spices and yoghurt

I was rooting around in the bottom of the freezer the other day when I happened upon a bag of frozen … well, it was definitely meat, but that’s about as much as I could tell. Could’ve been beef, could’ve been lamb. Might have been neither. I decided to play fast and loose with Saturday’s […]

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Einstök White Ale, Toasted Porter, and Pale Ale

January 18, 2014
Einstok Brewery's Toasted Porter, White Ale and Pale Ale

The biggest ingredient in beer is water, so it makes sense that the particular type of water that the brewer uses is going to have a distinct effect on the finished drink. In that sense, Einstök would seem to have a slight advantage, with their brewery perched on the northern shores of Iceland, in a fishing […]

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Deconstructed mince pies

December 22, 2013
Alternative mince pies

I haven’t made any mince pies this year, and I think I’ve only actually eaten one, and that was mediocre at best. It tasted of stale carpet, and Marks & Spencer really should try harder. This is a disappointing situation, so I did something about it. Here’s a very quick and simple recipe that uses […]

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