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How to make bresaola

How to cure beef to make bresaola

So, it's January, and it's very, very cold at the moment. That means that now is the perfect time to cure some meat and hang it out to dry in a shed, outside of a refrigerator, without too much fear of death from botulism. I exaggerate slightly - botulism is very rare, and basic hygiene [...]

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Panforte di Sienna

Panforte di Sienna post image

So, it's Christmas again, and that means it's time to bake something fittingly seasonal and rich. This year, that's panforte di Sienna, an Italian dessert loosely resembling a cake that's packed with fruit and nuts. Panforte originated in Sienna in the 12th century, and is supposed to contain seventeen ingredients, to reflect the number of districts [...]

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Chicken cooked with yoghurt

Chicken cooked with yoghurt

Cooking Indian food can be something of a trial. Lists of ingredients a mile long, complicated techniques, extended cooking times ... It's always worth the effort, always worth the satisfaction of sitting down to a rogan josh that's been simmering away for a couple of hours, the spices blending together with unfathomable complexity. But sometimes, [...]

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Noodling with noodles

A quick, easy portable noodle soup for lunch

In my quest to crack the ongoing puzzle of eating well at lunchtime when lunchtime slips to about twenty minutes at most, I've started to experiment. This all began when this article popped up on Facebook. It reminded me of something Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had done a few years ago, that thing I'd made a note to have a [...]

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WIN: Hotel Chocolat Chocolates to Chill

WIN: Hotel Chocolat Chocolates to Chill post image

Here's a great chance to win a box of Hotel Chocolat's new range of slightly-boozier-than-normal chocolates. The Cocktail Chocolates to Chill box contains sixteen chocolates four Passionfruit Margaritas, four Moscow Mules, four Mojitos, and four Grapefruit Gin & Tonics. These are not the dusty old liqueur chocolates of old ... there's no terrible flood of alcohol [...]

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