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Press Coffeehouse

August 31, 2014
Press Coffeehouse, Harrogate

There are a lot of subscription coffee services around at the moment. It’s quite the thing, and a definite sign that more people are waking up to the complexities and intricacies that separate a mediocre cup of coffee from a good cup of coffee from a truly superb one. The idea is simple – hook into […]

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Pane di Como, or Italian country bread

July 27, 2014
Como bread, traditional Italian country bread from Lake Como.

Most of the bread I bake follows a fairly standard pattern. I’ve got a couple of staple recipes, one for an everyday loaf that works well for white or whole grain and any variation in between and a couple of ways with sourdough, too. The everyday loaf is the most versatile, and it can easily […]

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Chicken Chukka

July 14, 2014
Chicken chukka - chicken curry, made with coconut and spices

On the way home on Saturday, I stopped off at an Asian supermarket close to where we live. It’s a ramshackle, haphazard kind of place, piled high with a huge range of things. There are sacks of rice piled high, fruit and vegetables – big bunches of coriander, five for a quid, coconuts, curry leaves, […]

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How to make pulled pork

June 8, 2014
How to make easy pulled pork in a slow cooker

I’m one of those people who take photos of  food to post on Instagram. I make no apologies for this – it’s what Instagram is made for, but sometimes the application of a vintage filter on a perfectly normal photograph makes it look a little … different. Just take a second to look at the picture […]

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What’s your identity worth? … or how to make falafel

May 25, 2014
What's your identity worth? ... or how to make falafel

In real life, I manage information security for a big financial organisation. It’s the most fascinating job in the world, this juggling of risk versus reward versus control. We have to get things just right, so that our business can do  business, but our customers remain safe. I know that the biggest asset we’ve got […]

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How to make corned beef

May 19, 2014
Brining beef brisket to make corned beef

One of the many curious things I remember about my childhood is corned beef hash, an odd dish of potato and corned beef served up on those nights when mum seemed to have run out of inspiration. It was always made of mashed potato, with corned beef similarly mashed right into the potato, then fried until […]

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