Eating out and restaurant reviews and recommendations

Restaurant reviews and recommendations – good places to eat out in Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire in general and sometimes further afield.

Bundobust, Leeds

Bundobust, Indian beer cafe, Mill Hill, Leeds

Astonishing. Well, there are few things in life more certain than being disappointed by an over-hyped, over-played and over-done restaurant. It happens all the time - a new place opens, everybody gets all excited about it, but it turns out to be just OK ... not bad, not good, just OK, the sort of place [...]

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Shear’s Yard, Leeds

Shears Yard restaurant, Wharf Street, Leeds

A long time ago, Leeds only had greasy spoon-type cafés , dodgy pubs, and the odd decent Italian, and that was about that. Then came Arts Cafe down on Call Lane. It served good food, good coffee, good wine, and a few decent bottled beers. It was a little bit - dare I say it - [...]

Eating out

Zucco, Meanwood, Leeds

Zucco Italian restaurant, Meanwood, leeds

I try not to write anything about absolutely brand new restaurants, because opening a restaurant is hard, demanding, and things often go wrong, especially in the very early days. Fantastic dining experiences don't just spring into being - getting a plate of food from kitchen to table is a very long and expensive journey, and [...]

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